Venue paintings can be either done in

  • Pen & Ink (so a detailed black and white digital illustration of your venue building) or
  • Full Colour (a detailed watercolour digital painting of your venue building).


These illustrations can be used as a main fearure on your design or as a feature on your map.

Add venue painting to my stationery

Style of painting/ drawing

  • What do I get for a venue painting?

    The design charge covers approximately 1-2 hoursof design work which is enough time to plan a basic drawing, paint it using watercolours or a drawing pen and turn it into a vector drawing we can drop into your design. The image will be high quality and detailed, suitable for printing quite large but it can also be used on a map as a feature picture.


    What if I want a more detailed painting?

    We can spend further design hours on your painting for £40 per additional hours of design time.


    I think the painting I want may be more complex than the examples shown. What should I do?

    Please just get in touch with us if you think you require something a bit more complex. We'll be able to provide you with a quote for the design time needed and lots of advice about what will work.