If you would like a simple map included in your design, please add 1 x map to your basket.

Please order any venue paintings for your map seperately.

Add a map design to my stationery

Map size
  • Map Design; how does it work?

    Every map we create looks different and every customer requires something different on their map. We try to offer a very 'cost effective' way of including a map in your wedding stationery by offering basic map designs for as little as £40 for a small map.


    What do I get for a small map?

    The £40 charge covers approximately 1 hour of design work which is enough time to plan the basic map, sketch the lines of the required roads, turn it into a line drawing we can drop into your design and add text labels showing the names of roads, venues etc. We can also drop in a few stock images of trees etc. A small map will usually fit in a space that's less than 95mm x 138 mm.


    What if I want to have some illustrations added?

    We can do that! Generally, each painting of a building or significant landscape feature takes around an hour of design time (£40 per hour) so you can order as many paintings as you like to be added from the shop


    I think the map I want may be more complex than this. What should I do?

    Please just get in touch with us if you think you require something a bit more complex. We'll be able to provide you with a quote for the design time needed and lots of advice about what will work.



    • A small map would fit onto an A6 page / space (or less).
    • A large map would fit onto a double page / A5 space


    If you're not sure what to order, please get in touch for advice.