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About Paper Willow

Paper Willow was launched in 2013 by Jacqueline Thomas.

I have been working as a graphic designer and digital printer in the party industry for 6 years; 2 years of that as a freelance designer. This was my first experience of the wedding industry. I enjoyed designing personalised decorations for weddings and events.

2 years ago I undertook further training at Shillington College. Before long I was being asked to design everything from products and packaging to branding and stationery then friends began to ask me to design their wedding stationery. This all gave me the experience and confidence to start running my own business. 

My designs are characteristically hand-drawn (or partially hand-drawn) and are usually influenced by an object (like a book or a vase) or the environment around me.

My printing experience and connections means I can offer a very wide range of products (such as cardboard signs and cutouts).

It is my aim to offer designs that despite being based on (my own) template designs look very bespoke and individual, making use of elements like maps and photographs and colour choices without the usual very high costs of bespoke design. I also want to offer a service that is flexible to different budgets.